Happy ;) or No Happy ;(?

Hey there Johnny boy.

Hey Daddio, I like the nest you got there!

Yeah, we know its cool! How 'bout this economy? Its cookin', isn't it? Seems like everyone's getttin' a new car these days! But then again you wouldn't have a new car cause you are a cube! D.D.T.

Well I got a lot of extra nuggets and bread in my pockets cause of the new working wages. This industry is cookin like you said.

I just got myself circled last month.We even have an ankle-biter on the way! I have a flip-top! You are a fream! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm not a fream but you know who is?, the Reds! I want to give them a knuckled sandwhich. While I'm piling up some z's their spreading their communism. They're fighting in Korea and we're worrying about getting a bomb dropped on us!

Ya, I'm not scared of those Reds (well possibly but that would ruin my rep so don't go round saying that)--- I blame you guys for our problems because I saw you guys going to a communist meeting last night! Now you are trying to cover it up! McCarthy is so right! You are all a bunch of communists! You shucksters! You better split the U.S. or we'll get ya

We aren't the reds here, that kook across the road is. He says the Reds are killer and should win the war. But we'll make sure we win the space race against the reds, even though they did get sputnik up there. We'll make sure we get the first man on the moon.

Well I'll live in the suburbs like very other white man in town. The sad thing is that women aren't getting enough rights and the african americans aren't equal if we are separated.